5 Best Six Pack Abs Exercises That Actually Works

Getting six pack abs is a dream for guys and an adventure for gals.

Everyone today dream about it and try every necessary thing for getting the best physique that is just lovable. But getting good healthy physique cannot be achieved in a day or two.

You need regular exercises and workouts that are easy and effective for your body.

So if you want to achive six pack abs and impress everyone around without spending too much time in your workout session, this article is just for you!

5 Best Six Pack Abs Exercises

Just check out top six pack abs exercises that help you to achieve great body easily.

1- Twist and Crunch

For performing crunches, lie on your back and bend your knees. Now lift your feet into air and make a perfect 90 degree angle with them.

Twist your body little while performing crunches. Repeat this exercise for 15 times per side.

2- Front Plank on Ball

Keep your hands on bench and feet on exercise ball. Now roll ball until your body becomes completely straight and hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-4 times.

3- Captain’s Chair Exercise

This is one of the amazing six pack abs exercises which help you to hold your body weight with your legs hanging beneath you.

In this exercise, lift your knees near to your chest. Lift and twist to right direction and then to left direction. Now extend your legs straight out. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

4- Vertical Leg Crunch Exercise

For performing this six pack abs exercise, stretch your legs straight into air while lying on ground on your back.

While performing this exercise, make sure your hands lies behind your head. Now bring your head as much close to your knees as possible. Repeat this exercise for 15 minutes.

5- Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle is one of the best six pack abs exercises that any person can follow for building those six pack abs. Moreover it is easy to perform.

For performing bicycle exercise, lie down on your back, lift shoulders from ground. After placing hands on your back, bring knees to your chest.

Now extend your leg completely and hold it for few seconds and again pull it back towards your chest. Repeat this exercise 20 times per leg.

What waiting for now? Just start right now and include these six pack abs exercises in your daily fitness schedule.

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