5 Best Bikini Abs Workout [For Sexy Bikini Babe Look]

Bikini season is here now! It’s the time to draw your navel to your spine and work on your abs so that you can flaunt your perfect body shape in front of others.

Top abs exercises for women works on your abs muscles, tones down your mid section and hence provide sleek midriff.

But in order to get a dream figure and a flat belly you not only have to workout regularly but also have to maintain a well balanced diet.

Try to minimize the intake of sugars and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables along with good quality proteins to keep you fit.

Try effective cardio training coupled with few rounds of run in a nearby park.

Don’t think much and check out some of the best abs exercises for women who want to get the looks just like a sexy bikini babe…

5 Best Easy Bikini Abs Workout

Workouts for a flat belly plays an important role in getting figure that looks fat free, fabulous and bikini ready.

If you have an obsessed body and are struggling to get your dream figure, you need to take the help of workouts that helps in getting a flat belly.

1- Bicycle

Bicycle is the easiest abs exercise for women which can be performed at home only. For working the obliques, and getting wonderful abs, bicycle is the best exercise.

When you are performing this exercise, make sure you keep the legs elevate up off the floor to create tension on the abs.

Then twist to one side and pause. Again twist to another side and pause for few minutes. Perform this exercise 10-15 times.

2- Step Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are good ones for toning the thigh and hip muscles. Your abdominal part will be catered to in aerobic regime.

While you lift your legs frequently your belly gets toned into a beautiful flat stomach if you follow the steps seriously. Find a good aerobics class in the surrounding area and get going with hips, tums, bums and more.

Increase exercise day by day until it reaches a maximum of one hour to two hours. Also make sure that you maintain the metabolic rate of your body while exercising and doing workouts.

Above all you may try carrying heavy weights so that the fat gets burned from your body. In order to feel relaxed from exercise, you can have a music system that plays for you.

You will surely get benefited from these workouts for a flat belly and you may see that you lose your fat rapidly.

3- Frog crunches

Frog crunches are another among top abs exercises for women which she can perform from home only.

This exercise is a great variation which you can add to your routine to challenge your muscles in a nice different way. For doing this, you should sit in a ‘frog’ position.

Now slowly begin to crunch up to the top, pause for few seconds once you reach o the top. Now take deep breath and then lower back down on ground.

So don’t waste time in thinking and go for these abs exercises for women atleast thrice a week for achieving great body in an easy way.

4- Lying flutter kicks

You would be surprised to know that lying flutter kicks is one of the top abs exercises for women that tones down your lower abs.lie back down on ground and then lift legs an inch or two off ground.

Using very short strides kick your legs back and forth crossing each other as you go. Perform this exercise 20 times for achieving perfect abs.

5- Pike sit-ups and holds

This is one of the top abs exercises for women which you can perform with or without an exercise ball. It provides strength to your lower abs and top abs.

Make sure you perform this exercise very slowly so that momentum does not work for you.

For this, lift your legs in air and then raise upper part of body to meet your feet. Make ‘v’ position before lowering back down.

Try to avoid your feet to completely touch the floor as you lower back down. Perform it for 10 seconds.