Bodi-Tek Abtek Toning Belt Vs Slendertone

Bodi-Tek Abtek toning belt is an electronic muscle simulator for firming and toning of the abdominal region.

The belt provides fast and effective toning for its users. Continuous use of Bodi-Tek Abtek belt result in shaping, firming, toning as well as improve the muscle strength.

The belt comes with six different programs. The intensity of the belt can be adjusted as per the requirement.

The size of the Bodi-Tek Abtek toning belt can fit for people of all sizes ranging from 24” to 47” making it fall under the category of one size fits for all.

The package comes with batteries, gel and a carry bag.

The Bodi-Tek Abtek toning belt allows the user to tone the muscles in the abdomen easily and safely.

The main advantage is that you can use this belt at the comfort of your home in privacy.

The LCD display present in the belt makes it easy to use and gives the complete details of the exercise routine.

The six various program modes present in it takes you through different levels of workouts. The result of this exercise regime is firmer and tighter stomach and toning of your abs effortlessly and easily.

The system is easy to carry and battery operated and hence can be used anywhere at your ease.

The important features of this toning belt from Bodi-Tek Abtek are use of advanced Ems technology, contains six programs, LCD display and the size that fits all.

The electrical pulses that derive from the belt are delivered directly through the skin. It then activates the nerves that controls the muscles, contract and then relax them. This process exactly resembles an exercise routine.

The pulses are sent from the belt at regular intervals to contract and then relax the muscles of abdomen. The effect of using the belt is that you will feel like you have done couple of sit ups.

The muscles get toned very fast and result in a good looking body. The product need to be maintained properly and it is necessary to have at least 5 hours of resting period between each sessions.

Although Bodi-Tek Abtek toning belt works well, we recommend checking the Slendertone Abs Belt due to the best features and best results it provide.

Get your toning belt today and enjoy your life with a maintained and toned body.