Does Slendertone Ab Belt Burn Calories?

Slendertone is an EMS – electrical muscle stimulation device. A mild electrical current that is produced by the device creates involuntary muscle contractions. These devices were invented and manufactured with the aim of toning and strengthening the muscles.

The actual question here is whether Slendertone is a perfect work out device and whether this ab belt burn calories of the person using it?

It is admitted that even though this product will work towards improving the muscle tone, its effects are temporary.

Weight loss is a process where in you require burning out more calories than what you consume. However it’s still not clear whether Slendertone act towards reducing your weight.

People who have been using slendertone ab belt feel that it actually doesn’t burn calories. They feel that it is actually the muscles are getting stimulated electronically which helps in their toning. Burning calories require proper exercise and diet where there will be an increase in the heart rate.

People who are using slendertone while doing sit ups or plank may have few calories burnt up along with the toning. Ideal way to shed weight would be work outs daily in a proper routine.

The way slendertone works starts with a little strange feeling. Once the intensity is increased the sensations shifts from a tingly mild feeling to muscle contractions that are distinct. The sensations provided by this ab belt are very powerful.

This belt can be used anytime while at office or while doing household chores to tone your muscles and get a perfect figure. The hydrogel pads used in this ab belt are medically graded. It is having large three layers of hydrogel pads to spread the simulations effectively and comfortably. The muscles may feel a bit sore like you feel after any normal work outs.

There are no easy methods to tone down your muscles and to burn out calories. It is recommended that you use slendertone as part of your active and happening lifestyle. Use it when you are doing your work out or during your regular exercise regime. Good health and toned body comes from regular exercises and a healthy diet.

Together with slendertone and a perfect daily routine you are sure to burn down your calories. Slendertone will help people who have started to lead a healthier life style in each and every step of their life. Keep yourself fit with a healthy diet, exercise and with an additional help from Slendertone ab belts.