Slendertone Vs Flex Belt: What To Choose And Why?

Slendertone Vs Flex Belt: Which Is The Best Ab Toning Belt and Which One To Choose?

Perfect curves, strong and toned muscles are dream desires of every individual. They are the basic fitness scales which help you measure your body fitness.

No doubt, numerous products are available in the market making false promises to give you strong abs and toned muscles.

However, the new line of invention brings to you the ab toning belts (Slendertone abs, Flex, Contour, Sixpad to name few…) which works scientifically on your muscles bringing about deep muscle contractions.

The scientific action on your body developed by the unique working mechanism (EMS technology) of these belts, surely brings about the desired changes in your body.

Although these belts can give you all that you need for fit and strong body, it is much difficult to choose the best one among the ones that are available on the market these days.

Slendertone and Flex belts are the two FDA approved belts that are much popular. These comes with many similarities and with little differences…

Let us check here some basic differences between both. Hopefully it will help you to choose one that is right fit for you.

Slendertone Belt Vs Flex Belt: Which One Is Better For You?

After a carefully research on both it is found that there are not much differences between both these options when we compare the latest Slendertone belt (Abs7 and Connect Abs) with Flex.

Of course the versions of Slendertone which are available for beginners (Abs5 and Abs6) comes with less features but these are competitively priced as compared to the Flex belt.


As seen above, the usage, functioning and features are almost same when we compare the Flex Belt System with most advanced option Slendertone Abs7 Belt.

This simply means that if you want to buy a belt for more intense workouts you can buy any – Flex or Abs7.

But if you want a belt which is good for beginners, Flex belt can be an expensive one to buy. You no need to go after it as there is better belt with a competitive price range Abs3.