Zumba Abs Workout: Does It Really Work?

Are you ready to party yourself to get in shape? That’s exactly what we are talking about.

Its “Zumba Dance” – a complete fitness workout which is easy to follow, effective, calorie burning, and exhilarating.

The Zumba dance workout is moving millions of people furthering them to health and enjoyment.

And if you have never heard or seen it as yet, then you have certainly missed out something worth seeing.

What Is Zumba?

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout, offering complete fitness program that blends the tempo and the beats to which your body automatically starts grooving.

Zumba dance has grown to become the most successful and the largest dance fitness program across the world with part-taking people of all shapes, age and sizes.

Zumba dance was initially limited to only fitness clubs and gyms which now have evolved to people’s sitting room.

This complete fitness dance program can now be done at home easily to work out your abs and core muscles in an easy way.

These days you will find numerous Zumba fitness CDs to choose from. These includes dance music like Cumbia, Samba, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Arabian rhythms, and Country music.

In addition, there are hundreds of videos available to download online through which you get to experience what exactly Zumba dance abs workout is.

Also there are Zumba classes found in many locations helping you to get in shape effectively. You just need to find and join the nearest class in your locals to enjoy the best benefits of this burn to the beat workout.

How Zumba Flat Abs Workout Help?

Zumba dance is the new workout craze that is now hitting the heights in the fitness world. Incorporating the Latin rhythms put together, this exercise routine is pioneered and unique way to get fit.

There are mainly two factors which makes people choose Zumba over other fitness forms. These are:

  • it is fun to do and you do not get bored as there are different dance numbers to which you can move
  • the dance steps are easy and while doing you actually forget that you are doing a workout

The dance sessions of Zumba Dance Workout are usually the cardio workouts that helps in enhancing your heart health.

And as it integrates some of the best workout exercises such as squats, bicep curls, knee lifes, toning of muscles, etc. you can actually burn up to 350 calorie or sometime more per dance session easily while doing these exercises.

Various studies and comparison have showed that what you burn in other fitness workouts is far lesser than what Zumba dance helps, in burning calories.

The best part of Zumba is, not just you lose weight but you also improve your overall personality and appearance with it.

Different Types of Zumba for Your Complete Fitness

There are millions of people world-wide who have joined different types of Zumba dance to get benefited from Zumba dance.

Zumba dance workout is said to be available in six varieties to choose from, do have a look at them.

1- Original Zumba

The high paced, energetic Latin dance fitness program is all about Zumba. The dance has vigorous body movements and has a tendency to raise your energy levels. A good cardio workout with fun that gives you desired toned body.

2- Zumba Gold

This Zumba dance fitness program specifically targets elderly as well as beginner level people. These category people need some physical workout though in mild form. This dance forms helps them to maintain active and healthy lifestyle. This dance is less intense to that of original Zumba workout that helps you to build fitness in unique way.

3- Aqua Zumba

Like the name suggest, this dance form is done in water. It is said to be great cardio workout that comprises of benefits of working out in water and fun of Zumba. It is a great low impact workout that gives workout to your entire body without putting much stress on your joints.

4- Zumbatonics

This program is particularly designed for kids which are fun way to let them exercise. With the alarming child obesity, this is perfect for kids. Any kid would love to indulge in this fitness program.

5- Zumba In Circuit

It is intense thirty minute power packed workout program that will not blast your calories but rejuvenate you. This is a great option if you like high paced core workout.

6- Zumba Toning

This is an energetic dance workout that precisely focuses on body sculpting and toning muscles. Here you use sticks to aid rhythm and target particular muscles that you wish to toned.

Zumba Video Game: An Electrifying Way to Get Fit

With the advancement of brain power, human beings are inventing unconventional ways to solve gross problems. The Zumba video game can be exemplary in this regard.

This innovative Zumba video game was first augmented by Pipeworks Software and brought to the market by Majesco Entertainment under a special program known as Zumba.

The game was first publicly recognized in the year 1990. The game can now be played through variety of software (Nintendo Wii and Xbox) in the market to lose your body weight and get complete fitness.

The fusion of the physical fitness with amusement of playing the games makes this game truly unique. You might be a person who is very depressed being overweight.

You might even be a person who is fond of playing video games in a play station and becoming more prone to getting overweight by not working out.

This game will blend these dual passions of yours into one and make your dream come true of losing 35 pounds in three months.

How to Play The Zumba Dance Game?

Playing Zumba game is very easy for anyone. As such there are variety of options – like if you want to play in a disco mode, a night club mode or a road dancing. The game will show you some dance steps.

You will be able to see a virtual body dancing along with you and the areas of the body dancing with steps will be highlighted. It will blink. You have to dance along with the person matching those steps. If you fail to match the step of the virtual dancer you will lose the game.

Dancing and jumping to the steps of a virtual dancer and losing the body weight can sound a bit cheesy but it is scientific. If you ask any gym trainer, you will come to know jumping and dancing is the most natural and scientific way of losing weight.

By playing this Zumba video game you are getting a massive opportunity of learning a new form of dance as well as working out for physical fitness. Thanks to those who thought out of the box to design an unconventional yet an exciting video game.


Overall Zumba Dance Abs Workout is more about body shaking dance moves that makes everybody smile, laugh and lose weight.

With so many options for you, what are you waiting for?

If you have not yet tried out these Zumba steps and Zumba dance songs, just try them now and see how fast you can get the positive results.